The history of Grosseto Marina Ristorante

The project of „floating restaurant“, the newest addition to the Grosseto hospitality group began two years ago. The boat itself has been built on base of a cargo boat. Construction work started in July 2009 and the project has been finished a year later, in July 2010. Although we were facing several technical and constructional problems, we managed to build a beautiful restaurant, modern, chic, and fulfilling all criteria of new age gastronomy.

The restaurant has two floors; lower floor offers three separated sections with exhibition kitchen.  Open deck on upper floor is an ideal place for romantic lunch or dinner or perhaps just a glass of wine in the beautiful surroundings of old Prague and spotless view of Prague castle and Charles bridge, or enjoy a drink in one of our free bars.

History of the name of the Pizzeria Grosseto

Once upon a time, there was a stove-maker. His name was Gianfranco Turbanti and for many generations, he and his family lived in the village of Grosseto in Tuscany. One day, two mysterious men, who spoke an unknown language, came to see him. They offered him a job far away from his hometown and they demanded the top quality performance. Since the word Prague sounded very interesting, they shook hands on the deal.

After a few weeks he and his son came by an Italian-made lorry to Dejvice and when he unloaded all the bricks and all sorts of pipes he set to work. For three days and three nights he would measure, blend, build, smoke, test and finally he even baked. After three days he handed in his work and after the final test the first Grosseto pizza came into the world.

Since the pizza liked Gianfranco’s stove very much, his brothers built more stoves in Vinohrady and Průhonice. They still bake the most delicious pizzas in Prague and if no one knocks them down they will bake forever.