About us

Our small shop was founded in spring 2007. It is based on more than 20 years experience of Grosseto pizzeria with Italian gastronomy and wines. Originally we had an idea to offer our guests the possibility to cook the meals that they know from our pizzerias at home. This idea grew into an urge to capture major part of Italian gastronomy and wines.


We followed several criteria when choosing the products and wines for our shop. First of all, we wanted that most of our assortment came from minor, non-industrial producers, who pay attention to quality rather than quantity of their products. Thus you are more likely to find products of rather home origin.

The second no less important criterion was the rate of quality and price of the product given. This concerns mainly wines because the Czech market is glutted by cheap and low-quality wines or high-quality and overpriced wines.

Who is our shop intended for?

Our shop is intended for the ones who want to buy a beautiful gift as well as for enthusiasts like us, who are fond of good food and wine.