Gift Cards

General terms and conditions

By purchasing the gift card the buyer gives an agreement with the General conditions of use of the gift cards issued by the company Grosseto Restaurants Ltd. and Grosseto Průhonice Ltd. (here in after jointly Operator).

The card can be purchased in both shops Bianco&Rosso in Prague 4, Brumlovka and Průhonice.

The Gift Card
Until the gift card are purchased and loaded they are worthless, and have zero starting value. Before being purchased the card is inactive. The card is activated within 24 hours after buying and loading it.

It is impossible to give the card back or to convert it into cash. It is also impossible to block the card in case of loss or theft. The owner of the card won´t be provided neither a new gift card or any other compensation whether financial or non-financial. The loss of a gift card or a careless managing with the card assist the abuse of the card, and therefore the Operator in such a case take no responsibility for the abuse. The card is transferable. No identification of the holder of the card is necessary while paying with it, and the authentication of the ownership of the card is not required.

Paying with the Card
Before paying with the gift card expose it to the operating personnel. After paying you will receive the receipt confirming the use of the card, and the information about this transaction. Check whether the sum of money, and the card number correspond with the transaction demanded, and the number of your card. If any of the data differs, address to the chief of the establishment. The card can be used up to its loaded value. If the total sum exceeds this value, you can pay the rest in cash or with a debit card. Operating personnel can refuse to accept the payment with the card, in case of doubts about the authenticity of the card, in case of visible damage or in case of visible marks of abuse.
The actual card balance is printed on the receipt you get after every transaction with the card. To find out the card balance you can ask the personnel in any shop Bianco&Rosso.

Loaded value of the Card
The minimum loaded value is 500 CZK, the maximum value is unlimited. The minimum residual value is unlimited as well. The card can be reloaded any time in any amount. In case the card is not used for a year after the last usage, the residual value reloaded forfeits on the behalf of the issuing provider, and the validity of the card automatically expires. The card can be reloaded again by payment in any amount. All other charges linked with the issuing and operating with the gift card are held by the Operator the issuing provider of the card.

Further information
Selling these cards by other bodies then the Operator or accredited agents is prohibited. The cards can be used as a personal or business gift. The cards can’t be without the previous written approval of the issuing provider used for any marketing, advertising or promotional activities.

The Operator reserves the right to change or modulate these business conditions in case of necessity. All the changes become valid after publication on the internet pages of the company These business conditions were issued as binding regulation of the use of the gift cards in the establishments of the company in the Czech Republic.