Not all nuts are the same

We use the most delicious nuts for making some of our desserts – roasted ‘Nocciola Piemonte’ hazelnuts from Papa dei Boschi.

These popular nuts are considered the best in the world and all products have the protected geographical marking of I.P.G. (Hazelnuts of Piemont). The Tonda gentile delle Langhe variety has an excellent aroma, a sweet taste, and a regular shape. They are grown on the beautiful hills of South Piemont, which are the UNESCO World Heritage sites.

The nuts we use come from the Papa dei Boschi farm, which covers over 40 hectares of land in the Alta Langa region and is tended by the third generation of the Noe family. An important production phase is a timely harvest, usually at the end of August. This is followed by the natural drying process – the mature fruits are dried in a single layer for several days in direct sunlight. The peeled hazelnuts are manually picked and sorted by size, almost with a ruler in hand. The nuts are roasted in the end. These nuts are unlike any others ...