Iberian pork chop

Our master chef Pavel visited the Coloryn family farm in Spain to see the Iberian pig breeding method in person. This farm is located in Andalusia, in the Sierra Morena mountains. The pigs are free to move across 330 hectares in a valley full of oak trees. They are fed with wild grass and natural cereals in the warm periods and acorns in winter. Thanks to this pig breeding approach, the family may take pride in the ‘Natural Product’ marking.

The traditional meat processing is a fully manual production method. The Coloryn company is one of the leaders in this segment.

The meat of these pigs features different fat marbling than in pigs normally bred in our country. Although the Iberian pig is fatter, it does not have high values of ‘bad fats’, meaning it does not burden the human body with high amounts of harmful cholesterol. The quality of Iberian pork is of the very highest level – it might be seen as the pork version of Wagyu beef.

This experience convinced Pavel that by sourcing meat from this family farm, he can provide our guests with the very finest quality, since we are certain of the precise origin of the meat, the low-impact nature of the breeding process, and the natural diet of the pigs living in the wild.